Starbucks Gallery: Whittier Hills

April 25, 2009 on 2:59 pm | In Announcements | No Comments

Recently some of my photos were put on display in a local Starbucks. I have posted these photos online in case anyone wants to buy these photos. Many sizes and options are available.

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Indonesia Photo & IT Trip

April 25, 2009 on 1:03 pm | In Photos Posted | No Comments

In March I was in a remote part of Indonesia doing some IT work, decease and also photography/videography. I have been posting some photos from this trip on my photo blog.

See the photos.

PHMA Golf Tournament Photos

January 19, 2009 on 10:03 am | In Announcements | No Comments

Photos from the PHMA Golf Tournament which took place on Sunday Jan 18 can be viewed and purchased here.

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TSC Thankyou Slideshow

December 23, 2008 on 1:33 pm | In Announcements | No Comments

TSC just sent me a link to a “Thankyou” slideshow they put together which has a number of my photos in it from various parts of the world.

India Photojournalism Trip

December 1, 2008 on 10:47 am | In Photos Posted | No Comments

In November 2008 I took a 2-week photojournalism trip to India in conjunction with The Seed Company. Most of the photos are not available publicly, nurse but I posted some to my personal site.

See the photos.

Turkey Photo Assignment

August 25, 2008 on 1:08 pm | In Photos Posted | No Comments

In August 2008 I did a week photo assignment in Turkey with my wife. Although I am unable to share most of the material from this trip online, search I did post a couple photos here: Silent Sunrise, unhealthy Turkish man, and Passport Salesman (actually this last one was taken in Amman Jordan on the way back).

TSC President’s Forum – Boca Raton

May 25, 2008 on 8:43 pm | In Photos Posted | No Comments

I was the photographer at The Seed Company President’s Forum in Boca Raton, FL last weekend. Here are some highlights from the event.

See the photos.

Nick Family Portraits

December 26, 2007 on 12:18 pm | In Photos Posted | No Comments

After many attempts at working out a time to take a Christmas portrait for the Nicks, site we managed to quickly take some photos after church last week. I am pleased with how they came out. Thanks to my brother Andy for holding the reflector, for sale and Katie for helping pose them.

See the photos.

Hilltop Renewal Center

December 22, 2007 on 2:42 pm | In Photos Posted | No Comments

I took photos of the Hilltop Renewal Center in Idyllwild.

See the photos.

Torrey Alumni Theatre: Pride and Prejudice

September 10, 2007 on 10:33 pm | In Photos Posted | No Comments

Photos from Torrey Alumni Theatre’s performance of Pride and Prejudice.

See the photos.

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