Brendon & Lisa’s Wedding

March 25, 2007 on 3:22 pm | In Photos Posted | No Comments

Brendon and Lisa's WeddingThe Jones wedding was my first time shooting as the primary photographer for a wedding. It was also my first time shooting formal portraits of larger groups. There were plenty of challenges, erectile and a lot that I could have done better, but overall I feel good about the photos.

The biggest challenge was the harsh sunlight which I had to deal with for the portraits, and also during the ceremony and reception (the wedding was outdoors and started at 1pm). For the portraits we didn’t have enough time to go elsewhere, and there wasn’t much shade in the yard. This meant that I had to create shade, either with my diffuser, or (in the case of the larger group shots) two large patio umbrellas. I ended up using reflectors instead of flash for most of the portraits, which I think worked out well. I had one 40″ reflector/diffuser, and one 22″ (thanks, Josh!). I could have used a bigger diffuser. Fortunately, I had some helpful people who were willing to hold the diffusers and reflectors (thanks, Mike). I’m eager to try this out more in the future for portraits.

The distracting background was another issue that I couldn’t do much about, since there wasn’t much room to back up and get less depth of field behind the subjects.

I have included here some of my favorite shots from the wedding: See the photos.

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