Wheatstone Slideshows

June 30, 2006 on 1:41 pm | In Photos Posted | No Comments

I have uploaded a small sample of the photos I took for Wheatstone Academy. I haven’t had a chance to pick out all the good ones, but I wanted to get something up quickly for Wheatstone staff to check out. Here they are:

Wheatstone Academy

June 28, 2006 on 9:02 am | In Photos Posted | No Comments

Wheatstone Academy hired me to do some photography this summer. Unfortunately, I was only able to make it to one of their conference sessions, since I will be out of the country for the rest of the sessions. I took photos of Dr. Reynold’s opening address Sunday night, and then spent the whole day with the group covering their “Epic Monday” event out near Julian. Now I have the huge photo edit task. It was a great event to be a part of, and I feel privileged to have been able to shoot for it.

Update: For those who havne’t seen my other posts, here are links to 3 sets of Wheatstone Academy photos I took:

Portraits of Dawn

June 19, 2006 on 9:49 am | In Photos Posted | No Comments

Portraits of Dawn
In a last-minute, malady on-the-spot situation, viagra I took some portraits for Dawn. See the photos.

A baptism and a concert

June 19, 2006 on 9:47 am | In Photos Posted | No Comments

In the last couple weeks I’ve photographed a baptism at our church, as well as a concert for a friend. I won’t be posting the baptism photos here, but if I get a chance, I’ll post some of the concert photos…

Jeff Silzer posted some photos from the concert that I took.

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